Sourcing Stones from Laishan Dragons

Today we drove to Laishan in Shandong Province, the local source of our stone materials. As we neared its  mountains, quarries surrounded us. Even as we entered the city we were flanked with immeasurable tons of marble sculptures and slabs. Overwhelming! Luckily we did not have to choose a manufacturer, because someone — somehow — knew just where to go.

Directly behind the stone manufacturer of choice we looked up at dreamy mountains. As we were shown samples of beautiful granite and marble (like the bamboo marble unique to the region), I paused to write a poem as if I was feeling the words from these local mountains and channeling them from their marble veins:


There is a dragon asleep on the Laishan mountaintop.

His body rises and falls at whim.

If you listen you can hear him sighing in rounds of three,

releasing warm, milky dreams.

He is wise beyond his centuries,

but he gets lonely too.

So when he needs a friend he flies his tail up in the wind,

and stirs the nearest cloud,

to play with the sun.


We selected a couple tons of marble scraps that fell from larger slabs when they were shaped into  more perfect sculptures. With these scraps from the dragon mountains of Laishan, we will piece together our park!