Designing Our Park: The Bigger Picture

We spent today on the first designs for our park. Working in groups, we then collaborated to create one  drawing closer to the final design, which we will build in less than a week. We are already starting to enjoy the process, realizing that the first steps are as important as the final product.

When Jim asked us to think about the bigger picture, we quickly realized tha the Pacific is the bigger picture. It connects us all. It brought our ancestors to their homes and us to our park site. This ocean carries us, and all that we make, for better or for worse,our beginnings and our end, the circle of our lives with no real beginnings or endings. During the workshop, Jim remarks that someday he will be one with the Pacific when he passes, and all the gold molecules inside him, from the first supernova that exploded and created us all — connect us all — will flow back into our guardian  ocean.

We are lucky to have him here with us now.

He has inspired us to capture the spirit of the Pacific, and even before we talked about the gold within and before we learned of the gold without, a geologist told us of the great mines of Yantai which have existed for hundreds of years,

Many of us incorporated circles into our designs today, which is a curious inclination anda choice that we seem to have come to Yantai to make. We are choosing to design our park with symbols of connection to each other, to Yantai, and to the Pacific.

To utilize the perfection of a circle is a tall order, and we are far from masters, but our connection to the Pacific reverberates within and without, and Jim says we’re made of the same gold molecules as him. We are learning to tune into that, and to translate it through art and architecture into the buildable forms it asks of us.