Community with a Common Destiny: A Professor’s welcoming lecture, and our first visit to the site!

Yantai was the starting point of the Silk Road, a fairyland of the emperors, and home to the first mechanical clockmaker — not to mention being the only recognized international “city of wine” in Asia. We learned all this and more today from Professor Yang Lan during her  presentation about the myths and stories of Yantai.

She asked  us to approach building a park by first considering  three pillars of the city: Inclusiveness and Openness; Delicacy and Diversity; Respect and Harmony. She insisted that these three layers of this beautiful city are also part of a necessary movement towards a global community with a common destiny.

        Her thoughtful and thorough presentation is astoundingly well-aligned with Pacific Rim Park’s mission. It’s clear we are building in the right city, and that there is support for our vision spreading in all directions. Now we have the context in which we design and build, and it’s no short order!  Everyone looks forward to designing the park with these concepts in mind, especially once we visited the park site for the first time today.

The site on a macro level sits between Yantai’s three mountains and the sea. As we walked the site, we listened to what it “wants to become” through the actions of our hands and hearts. We gravitated toward murmuring sea waves, bird calls, and even the ripples of fish—watching for all these interactions so we can deepen our connection with them, the site, and ourselves.

Much as Yantai was once the entryway for the world to traverse the Silk Road, so too are we opening aportal — one that leads to a more connected community of the Pacific. Here on this bay, a place of  temperature juxtapositions and opposing winds conducive to optimal conditions to create a mirage, our task is to mirror that magic is our task.

We now are setting off to design and build under a passing full  moon, just west of the Yellow Sea and east of the Pacific Ocean.