A Symphony of Dedicated Drawing

We have spent  a day processing Jim’s final design. We all agree that it combines the final four groups’ designs, with a one-of-a-kind Hubbell twist, and melds into one beautiful park creation.  Now we have only one more day to make major drawings of every perspective, material, detail, design, and cross section necessary to convince the Yantai government and building officials that this park will be a stunning success. The pressure is on and the energy in our drafting room matches this higher frequency.

We start by dividing into groups, assigning ourselves to the group whose task is something we, too, can best conjure. It is beautiful to watch everyone move into place effortlessly. It seems that a week of designing has allowed everyone to see themselves a little more clearly. We move with a natural rhythm, each a unique part of a dance or song.

If you take a moment and look up, you might catch Catherine, Vlad, and Daniela whirring away on their perspective sketches. Focus hard enough and you can tune into a kind of  music emitting from the gears turning in their minds and hands via black and white pencils — all of it being transferred onto brown drafting paper.

Or you might see Ambar taking charge of figuring out which person will render which cross-section. She is lovingly powerful, like an opera conductor, helping everyone find which cross section needs their patient eye...

Meanwhile, Jin draws small side sketches, complete with every pragmatic detail and measurement given to us by Chuck. Jin works like a sound technician, adjusting all the details, and placing them in a way that allows us all to see our own “voices” on the page.

Nearby, Markar deciphers the exact radius of a PVC pipe needed to erect a column. Like a composer, he calmly muses over a  demanding equation, for the pipe will be cut at an angle into two pieces, and the two wide sides paired to create a tapered shape.

Or you will see Francisco copying site elevations. He is like a percussion section, creating the big beat  that ensures we can all follow the bigger picture and overall design clearly, as the rest of us focus more on individual, specific, and necessary dimensions and elements..

Everyone works in harmony, following an organic rhythm. The intensity is such that the world outside of the room seems affected — even the universe gives us its support.

And so does the weather. The clouds put on their grey jackets, and a few degrees of temperature have left on vacation to neighboring provinces. Rain will come soon, making our second-floor drafting room cooler, and keeping us content to be inside, humming our symphony of dedication and persistence at the drawings that will guide the task ahead.

Now our focus turns to a harsh reality: we must get this built in only 20 days!