Day 6: Still designing as a group, looking for that “subtle balance”

What does it mean to be a member of the Pacific? To belong to an entity that is so huge you cannot begin to understand it? .

We don’t know yet, but our team does know that we’d  better figure it out, because we are a part of it, we are connected by it, and we are designing a park about it.  

Today we discuss what this means to each of us, and we decide that being a member of this beautifully inclusive Pacific is about connection, protection, and movement.We come to this understanding because she connects us all, we must protect her in return, and we are all in the midst of constant change and movement.

In our group design we strive to balance  these themes--not too overwhelming and tacky, while remaining nuanced and decipherable.We choose to tell a story, one that the Pacific herself shares with each wave. Our new vocabulary consists of  pathways that we curve, seats that we place, and symbols we carve. We add every design element as an act of consideration, an act of belonging, an act of love.

So, you see, it is simple: we are designing a park that is really a simple love story between the Pearl and the Pacific, and we are just lucky to help them move their love along.  It is this love which connects China to the sea, Yantai to its sister Parks, and us to each other.

Stay tuned.