Alumni Arrive With Our Pearl

As we set tile today around our pearl I ask Carrie, one of our team members from China, what she thinks about the park. She turns to me and says, “If you leave with one good friend then it’s worth it.”

I respond, “I think everyone has made more than one good friend.”

Carrie says, “Yes, I think so, too.”


Today we get the chance to make even more friends. We have alumni arriving to help with our final push, and we’re excited to have some extra hands, not to mention welcoming more members of the Pacific Rim Family to our build.


We focus on more of the “finish work,” especially more detailed tiled areas and mosaics. We have finished most of our form building, and the skeleton of our park rises strongly in place.


Our friendships strengthen as our park does. The nature of the build has moved away from us completing collaborative tasks in unison, and into completing individual tasks collaboratively. More exchanges happen. It helps that we work more closely and more comfortably — both with ourselves and with each other— and everyone’s personality unfolds into the spotlight. Each person is an essential, unique, and incredible part of our family, just like each tile and mosaic chip we lay.


The local buzz about our park grows, too.  A Yantai news crew joins us on site today, filming a documentary about how our team rescued a man and his two sons from the sea. With all the people on site, he roots of the park seem to reach deeper and become more intertwined, like mycelium. All that is missing is our pearl. We have built the wings that will cradle it, and tiled the surrounding floors, but have yet to lift the actual “pearl” into place.


When we do, the pearl — when you look eastward — will float on the same line as the sea’s horizon. Today we saw this solid, magnificent sphere of local white marble for the first time. It was delivered in the early morning before we arrived, guided perhaps by the moonlight to our park. Now all we have to do is figure out how to hoist it into place!


Soon our heart center will connect with our roots. After that, our finished park can grow outward and onward to the next Pacific Rim Park. Until then, we have work to do, and more friends to make.