A Sunset Love Story

As the moon grows, so does our park. There is no time to rest. Our walls are unfolding like wings, embracing the mother Pacific. Following the moon, the tide shifts cyclically throughout the day. Today, high tide occurs just at the end of our long workday. The water reaches the edge of our park and we get to see the love story unfold.


The sea has worked all day to reach our concrete slab, and the wings of our park walls work with the wind to embrace the tide. They activate one another like two magnets, working with the momentum of the moon to meet in perfect timing. At just at the right time, we witness the sea and park meet. We witness their salty kiss. We feel their love erupt in ocean foam every time a new wave laps against the sea wall. Their love is unconditional and we bare witness. Others also bare witness to this union. Many families float in the ocean today. They dot the water in brightly colored pool rings, enjoying the best light of the day.


We, too, are enjoying this moment. Despite being  tired and dirty, we can see our park coming together, as are we, as are a new Pearl and the sea that nurtures us all.