Welcoming Calm

The atmosphere at the park today is calm and focused. We welcome this. After lunch, most of us take naps while the humming of Chinese cicadas  washes over us in waves, paralleling ocean sounds from a rising tide. Muddled whirs come through the trees when cars drive down a nearby street.


This lullaby of stillness lulls us deeper into sleep. It seems you can hear bits of dreams being released from relaxed mouths. Exhales of the subconscious world inside each of us  float above gentle Spanish, Chinese, Filipino, Russian, English, and Korean eyes. Warm, steady breaths rise along with the heat of the midday sun to meet an early moon.


It is almost a shame to have to move again, readying ourselves to get back to work, but we know we have work to do. We wiggle and stretch until we can progress again, all the while enjoying this luxurious, calm and clear day.