Naming Our Park

We try to begin every day with a different  student sharing a poem of their choice. Sometimes days are so dense with nonstop work that we push the poem back. Today was one of those days; not the smoothest we have had. Today we reminded ourselves many times of Jim’s words:


“If something is easy you’re not doing the right thing.”


As a result, we forgot about the poem tradition until after dinner when we called a meeting to discuss what we wanted to name our park. Before we began suggesting ideas, we remembered that it was Francisco’s day to share a poem.


He recited a beautiful poem about the moon: how it is always present and (from the perspective of a human) parallels our journeys through life. Francisco read the poem in Spanish first, then in English. In either language, the sentiment was sonorous and powerful.


Unknowingly, Francisco selected the perfect poem as prefix for our discussion on names. Our park, like all of the Pacific Rim locations, has a pearl, and it’s like an active heart center, precious and strongly connected.


This pearl is also moon-like and central to our design and build: our timeline parallels one lunar cycle (we begin and end our journey together on a full moon) and the moon dictates the tides of the Pacific, which are our park’s source of inspiration and beauty.


Already we have been together for about two thirds of one lunar cycle. Time is flying by! We have already witnessed and experienced a tremendous amount through the building of our park—some good, some bad. Some days are like today, when things go differently than planned and we have challenges to solve. Some days walls bust—on your park site, in your heart, or both. Always these breaches are necessary. Most often they are hard. Always the moon guides us through it all, and then we make art.