Seeking Stones That Live Authentically

We spent many hours today building up the walls that showcase our park. First we sought rocks of the perfect shape and slope and size, and rolled them into a holding area. We considered each stone and figured where to put it sturdily in place. The magic was hidden in the myriad nuances we had to take into account—from how concrete  is applied, to physically moving the stones, to “hearing” where each rock wanted to be placed.


We learned how to build a wall, yes, but we also learned to see the identities more clearly of those who work beside us, both rocks and our teammates.


Carrie, Jin, Vlad, and I find ourselves in a conversation of what is normal in our respective countries in terms of identity. We talk about the many layers that inform individual and societal identities, such as body image, professional pathways, family expectations, relationships, gender, and so on. We all agree that there is no real “normal”, but we still feel pressure to be … normal. Why is that?


We don’t have answer, or a solution, but It’s beautiful the way we touch upon a common struggle and realizing that we all have experienced something similar. We are lucky to have each other to help see ourselves underneath any illusions, just as we can recognize the unique faces of the rocks around us and fit them together.


We’re really building two walls today. One a strong and cohesive line of stones. The other a strong and sturdy connection between us. Both help to feel our own truths and llive our most authentic lives.