What Is Lost Must Be Found

Today is one of those days when even the air is impatient, irritable and off-gassing humidity. At the hottest point of the afternoon, the tide recedes, seeming to take with it all of the moisture from the plum trees we have relocated. Their ruby-red leaves are sagging, calling for our love and attention, but so are the rebar grids, and the wooden forms.


We have discussed how tight our timeline is, for we all know and feel that this is a race to the finish. Yet today we can only realistically manage to work in 30-minute increments in this heat.


Also, at peak heat, Chuck realizes he has misplaced his backpack. We quickly realize that his backpack has not been misplaced but stolen! We forget the heat and swing into action. Using another iPhone to locate Chuck’s through an app, and through the digital interweb waves, we see that the phone is a couple hundred meters from us. We set the phone to beep out loud and four to five of us take off running. We are eager to catch the backpack on the run! The rest of us wait at the site, suspended between excitement and disbelief. A few minutes later the runners return with the stolen backpack. Someone had ditched it in a bush about 400 meters down the path. When we find everything is still inside we are relieved.


After the excitement, we are able to gel into working groups a bit easier. There is nothing like a bit of luck on a tense, hot day, to get our focus back on the timeline at hand. We even decide to wake up earlier and stay later from now on, so we can work more in the cooler hours of the day. And we cancel any scheduled days off, so that we remain lucky, for or if our good fortune holds and everything goes as planned, only then will we finish building our park on time.