A Day of Man + Machine

At the park today there is an air of focus. We have scheduled concrete to flow into our paths tomorrow at five in the morning, so we better be ready.


Although the heat is similar to yesterday, we find a rhythm to work with it rather than against it. Almost like musicians interpreting a new score, we have acclimated to the tone of the heat since yesterday; it reverberates as a tan on our toasty shoulders.


Everything is falling into a good pace, and everyone is finding work that fits their fingers. The trees are happier now in their permanent spots. We are content to move our shade covers as we work. We still must take frequent breaks but these come naturally as we alternate work and rest with the help of “Scoop” and “Reliable.”


“Scoop” is what we call the singular laborer helping us build our park. He operates the back hoe: a large mechanical scoop with the word “Reliable” painted on its butt. Every time Scoop takes the controls we smile as Reliable swings back and forth behind him. The relationship between Scoop and Reliable is intimate and enduring,and it is quite something to watch the two of them work together. Scoop operates Reliable with such skill that the machine appears sentient.


Both Scoop and Reliable are crucial to our progress. Today it seems we have found a bit more of a balance, like their relationship, for we were have finished our forms and rebar grids early. We go home a bit early, a bit exhausted, but feel very fulfilled after a day of real focus and progress!.