What Replenishes Us

On this day of a new moon and solar eclipse, we see clearly the shadow sides of ourselves, for our bodies are tired and the concrete doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to—even after we worked hard all morning to be ready for it at noon. And we were ready for it at noon!

Instead,after eating lunch, we are strewn about between trees, taking naps. Some are swimming but the majority rest. We hope to replenish what energy stores we may have left in our arms, legs, and souls.

In this moment of coveted rest, there is stillness amongst us. We are too tired to play so we sit together in silence. You can almost hear each of us mulling over the same thought:  

What replenishes us?

Are we drinking enough water? Are we eating enough food? Are we eating the right food? Are we pacing ourselves? Are we being kind to ourselves? Are we being kind to others? Are we taking rest when we need? Are our bodies safe and healthy? Are we communicating clearly? Are we seeing clearly? Are we perceiving clearly?

Only after we ask ourselves these questions can we seek the answers with others…

Today we know one sure thing: we have to claim responsibility for replenishing ourselves.Only when we claim responsibility for our own replenishment can we tend to the replenishment of others.

Understanding this will influence us for a lifetime. It will help us always seek moments of joy, passion, and kindness, because those moments replenish rather than take something away. Claiming responsibility for our own wellbeing and that of others helps us feel the infinite well of love bubbling up from within us.

When the concrete doesn’t arrive on the afternoon it is supposed to, we tap into our sources carry on together — another swing of the hammer, one more check of the slope, and one more stone added to the pile as it rises to the new moon’s night sky.


Being One With The Ground Foundation 

Being One With The Ground Foundation