To Balance Being with Becoming

Yantai has existed for centuries, and it will exist for millennia after we leave. As we fly across the Pacific toward China, the city exists only in our minds, an entity static in its many daily tasks and traditions, but also changing constantly, as cities do -- as do we all.

What are we going to accomplish by building a sculpture -- a public park -- on a beach in Yantai? Dare we try to change Yantai? No, but we surely will be noticed. Will Yantai change us? Most certainly.

We set off on this journey with courage, daring to be creative and work long hours. We hope to discover that we are Yantai and Yantai is us, because boundaries disappear when people work together in friendship.

We go to learn from each other and make the art that we are called to make. We go to ask the land and sea to let us know them -- in due time. We go to ask the grace of ancestors, living in the soils we will turn, to share their histories through the roots of our park. For a few weeks, we offer our youth and spirit to the Yellow Sea, hoping to unlock the salty secrets whispered in its breath.

Being there together feels like a new model: for a new age, a new earth. We want that. We are ready. 

And so we descend toward Yantai for a 29-day journey to connect, fully cognizant of the hard work we have come to do. As artists, we have prepared for this all our lives -- every moment and milestone and lesson propelling us toward this sliver of history. Our life lessons to this point have now been condensed and preserved, under cycles of sun and moon, into bricks of wisdom. 

We bring these building blocks with us, as gifts forming the foundation of our new park, whatever shape it takes. We come to share all that we have with our family of the Pacific, to strengthen the fibers of friendship that link us in their most true and peaceful form. 

All that we have done in our lives will now strive to be in balance with all that we have come to do. We will balance our being with ... becoming!